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Logan Planning Scheme Interactive Mapping

The Logan Interactive Mapping tool displays key maps from the Logan Planning Scheme to assist with planning and development enquiries in the City of Logan. Please use this tool to easily:

  • Find your property and review the applicable elements of the Logan Planning Scheme (e.g. zone(s), local plan and overlays);
  • Print a property report and print the map (including anything you have drawn on it);
  • Review and print an estimate of development fees for a proposed development on a selected site;
  • Request an estimate of applicable environmental offsets (PDF 35 KB) for an area of proposed vegetation clearing that you draw on the map.
  • Review and print a report of estimated infrastructure charges applicable to a proposed development on a selected site.
  • Find information (e.g. as constructed plans) about installed below ground sanitary drainage systems for commercial buildings or residential dwellings using the Drainage Plans Online tool.

For more information, please refer to the User Guide (PDF 2519 KB), or contact Council on (07) 3412 4247.

Please note:

  • If you have any trouble loading the Logan Interactive Mapping tool (e.g. the tool loads but the map window is empty, with only the aerial photos listed on the left hand side), a hard/deep refresh of your web browser's cache may help.
    • In Microsoft browsers, simply press and hold the Control key and then press F5.
    • In Firefox you may need Ctrl+Shift+Del.
    • For more information please see Refresh your cache.
  • The maps of the Logan Planning Scheme are aligned to the State's cadastre (property boundaries) at a particular point in time. Changes on the ground after that (e.g. new properties created through subdivisions, road re-alignments) will take some time to be reflected in the maps and the property search and report functions.
  • Logan's new suburbs (Flagstone, Flinders Lakes, Monach Glen and Silverbark Ridge) are yet to be reflected in the tool; a future amendment of the Logan Planning Scheme will address this.
  • Yarrabilba and Greater Flagstone are Priority Development Areas. For information about development on properties in these areas, please contact Economic Development Queensland.
  • The tool may open other information in new windows or tabs on your browser. Please ensure pop-ups are enabled (turn off any blockers) when using the tool. The topics below provide some quick tips.

Search function (find your property)

The search function on the top right of the map window allows you to enter or select information to quickly find your property or area of interest. There are 2 options:

  • Address - select a suburb, street name and number (or just select suburb if you want to move the map to that area) and press Search; or
  • Lot on Plan - enter the lot and plan number and press Search.

Property Tools - Planning Report (LPS2015)

The Property Tools - Planning Report (LPS2015) function presents basic planning information about a selected property relating to the Logan Planning Scheme 2015, and enables you to print a report of that information. Select the function from the menu then click on the property of interest. The Print button on the pop-up will produce the Property Report which includes address details, zone, local plan and overlays for the selected property. To see the information for a different property, select the function again and then click on the next property you wish to review.

The information displayed allows you to turn on and off overlays which impact the property, simply by ticking the box next to the name of the overlay. Turning on the layer will allow you to view the extent to which the overlay affects the property (i.e. may be the whole property or part(s) of the property). Please note that some layers are not visible at some scales (e.g. if zoomed in too close the layer may not be visible). If the tick box next to the layer is greyed out, the layer is not visible at the current scale (zoom in or out to activate it).

Turning on aerial imagery may also be useful when looking at a specific property.

Property Tools - Development Fees Estimate

The Property Tools - Development Fees Estimate function allows you to select a property, provide information about a proposed development on that site, or a development service related to the site, and review a report of estimated fees (based on Council's fees and charges schedule). The report can be printed if desired, and the Property Report (which will identify for the selected property the applicable zone(s), precinct, local plan and overlays from the Logan Planning Scheme) is also available.

Property Tools - Environmental Offset Request

The Property Tools - Environmental Offset Request function allows you to draw on the map one or more areas where you are proposing to clear vegetation, and submit to Council a request for an estimate of applicable environmental offsets. Council will email a report to the address you nominate.

Note: Before launching the tool please consider the following things, which may make it easier to draw the proposed clearing areas on the map:

  • Navigate/zoom to the area of interest;
  • Turn on the aerial photos;
  • Turn on the Ecological Significance map (under the Planning Scheme Policy figures group towards the bottom of the map list) - a higher index (i.e. darker shading) relates to higher ecological significance and clearing in these areas will result in higher environmental offset obligations.

Property Tools - Infrastructure Charges Estimate

The Property Tools - Infrastructure Charges Estimate function provides information about applicable infrastructure charges for a proposed development on a selected site. Select the function from the menu then click on the property of interest. Follow the instructions on the screen to provide information about the proposed development (type and scale/size) and the existing use of the site. An estimate will be presented on the screen and a report can be printed.

Please note:

  • The estimate is based on the Logan Charges Resolution and does not represent a formal quotation or invoice; nor does it imply any support for or approval of the proposed development.
  • For properties in residential areas, estimates are available for material change of use (MCU) and reconfiguration of lot (e.g. subdivision) developments.
  • For properties in non-residential (commercial) areas, estimates are available for material change of use only.
  • For complex developments and any applicable offsets or refunds, please contact Council.

Property Tools - Planning (superseded schemes)

The Property Tools - Planning (superseded schemes) function presents basic planning information about a selected property relating to the superseded planning schemes affecting Logan City. Select the function from the menu then click on the property of interest. Depending on the location of the property, the relevant pre-2015 superseded scheme could be either:

  • Logan Planning Scheme 2006
  • Gold Coast Planning Scheme 2003
  • Beaudesert Planning Scheme 2007.

The pop-up will display basic information, including which superseded scheme is applicable to the property you have selected, and the zone(s) and applicable overlays. There is a Print button if desired.

Use the Print Map function if required, and consider turning on the applicable overlays for the property from the Superseded Planning Scheme data (near the bottom of the map list) before printing the map, so that you can review the extent of the impact of each overlay (may be entire property, or only part of the property).

Navigation (moving around on the map)

You can move the map around by dragging it with your mouse. To zoom in or out use the "+" and "-" buttons on the top left hand side of the map window, or use the scroll function on your mouse; a double-click will zoom in. Note that changing the scale of the map (zooming in/out) may result in different information being visible – some map layers are designed for use when you are zoomed in close, and others are intended only for use at a suburb or city-wide scale and may not be visible when you zoomed in. If the tick box next to the layer name in the Table of Contents (left hand side of the map) is greyed out, it means that particular layer is not visible at the current scale.

Please note: the maps for the superseded Beaudesert Planning Scheme are very large images and if you have turned those on (i.e. ticked the boxes next to them in the list of maps), you may observe diminished performance in the refresh / loading of the map (i.e. it will be slower).

Map layers

The map contains layers of data from the Logan Planning Scheme and temporary local planning instruments (TLPIs), as well as aerial photos and other base information (e.g. road and property boundaries, contours). The list of layers can be found in a nested table of contents on the left hand side of the map window. The Planning Scheme layers are grouped together in the table of contents according to the structure of the planning scheme to make it easier for you to find further information in the scheme documents (e.g. Overlays = Part 8 of the scheme).

The zones and overlays from the superseded pre-2015 planning schemes (Logan PS 2006, Gold Coast PS 2003 and Beaudesert PS 2007), and superseded versions of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015, are also available. The Beaudesert layers are large image files and when turned on may result in diminished performance of the map (i.e. will be slower to refresh/redraw).

Quick tips

  • Use the '+' and '-' toggles next to the group names to expand and collapse groups.
  • Use the tick boxes to turn on and off each layer as required. If a layer is turned on (box is ticked) but you are not seeing that information displayed, it may be due to the scale or area you are currently viewing. Try zooming in or out on the map, or moving the map around if appropriate.
  • Symbology (the way the information is represented on the map - colour, fill, outlines, etc.) will be displayed for each layer in the table of contents so that you can easily identify that information on the map

Please note that not all of the maps from the Logan Planning Scheme 2015 are included in the tool. For a full list of maps, please refer to the scheme documents .

Draw & Measure function

The Draw and Measure function on the menu will display a toolbar to allow you to draw points, line or shapes on the map, or add text. These drawings are not saved when you close the tool, but you can use the Print Map function to capture them for your reference. There are options to delete one or more items you have drawn, and you can close the function at any time using the 'X' button in the top right hand corner of the Drawing toolbar.

When you select to draw a Shape or Line an additional item becomes visible on the Drawing toolbar: 5. Dimensions. If you tick the box to turn Dimensions on, any shape you draw will display the perimeter distances and the area, in the units of measure you select. Any line you draw will display its length. You can use lines, with Dimensions turned on, to measure distances on the map (e.g. distance between two points or sectors of a route).

Print Map function

The Print Map function on the menu will present a printable version of the map you are viewing including the extent (i.e. the area currently visible within the map window), visible layers (i.e. what you have turned on and can see on the map) and any drawings you have added in the current session. To use the Print Map function, please allow pop-ups for this site.

Note: There is a Print Legend option available which prints all map symbology (not just what is currently visible and/or turned on).

Reset Map function

The Reset Map function on the menu will reset the map to the way it presents when the tool is launched (i.e. the initial extent, which is the whole City of Logan). Any drawings on the map will be removed, and it is possible that some layers you were viewing may no longer be visible due to the change of scale.

General note

The mapping tool is designed to be used in conjunction with the information in the Logan Planning Scheme 2015, and the superseded planning schemes where appropriate. Key maps including zones, local plans and overlays for the area within the Logan local government boundary are displayed in the tool. The information in the tool is indicative only and if there are any discrepancies or inconsistencies, the information in the Logan Planning Scheme documents, and/or the superseded planning scheme documents if appropriate, prevails. Further terms and conditions are presented when you launch the tool.

Release history

V5.03 July 2017Commencement of Logan Planning Scheme 2015 V5.0, incorporating the Alignment Amendment for the Planning Act 2016.   Fees and charges for the 2017/18 year have been updated (Development Fees Estimator).   The Logan Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution becomes the Logan Charges Resolution (under the Planning Act 2016).
V4.026 May 2017Commencement of Logan Planning Scheme 2015 V4.0, incorporating the Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) as Part 4, in place of the Priority Infrastructure Plan (PIP).  The LGIP maps are now available in the tool (PIP maps were previously not available).
V3.11 Mar 2017Enhancements to the Infrastructure Charges Estimator to align with the commencement of the Logan Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution No. 6 (2017).
V3.09 Dec 2016Commencment of Logan Planning Scheme 2015 V3.0, incorporating the Greenbank Amendment, which affected the extent of the Greenbank Training Area Buffer Overlay, primarily on its eastern side. Maps for Logan Planning Scheme 2015 V2.1 were moved to the Superseded Planning Schemes group.
V2.431 Oct 2016Map for Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) No. 2 (Loganlea to Jimboomba Underground Power Area) 2015 removed following expiry of that instrument 29 Oct 2016. Legend for Print Map function updated.
V2.31 Jul 2016Development Fees Estimator - new fees loaded for 2016/17 financial year.
V2.26 May 2016

Add Development Fees Estimate function (available from Property Tools menu).

Commencement of Logan Planning Scheme 2015 V2.1 (incorporating the Minor and Administrative Amendment No 2 2015). Maps for Logan Planning Scheme 2015 V2.0 moved to Superseded Planning Schemes group.

Minor functional enhancements - division added to Planning Report (current scheme), property key added to Planning Report pop-up, changes to zooming and visibility of planning scheme layers, Property Info menu relabelled to Property Tools.

V2.120 Jan 2016Add Infrastructure Charges Estimate function.
V2.011 Dec 2015

Commencement of Logan Planning Scheme 2015 V2.0 (incorporating the Loganholme Local Plan Amendment). Maps for Logan Planning Scheme 2015 V1.1 moved to Superseded Planning Schemes group.

Minor functional enhancements added: overlay tick boxes on the property report, ability to resize property report print window, additional information (detail of overlays) provided on LPS2015 Property Report, option to print map legend, ability to navigate on the map while the toolbar for the Environmental Offset Estimator is present. General Planning Layouts from Planning Scheme Policy 5 (Infrastructure) are now available.

V1.230 Oct 2015Add TLPI 02/15 map - Loganlea to Jimboomba Powerline Underground Areas
V1.131 July 2015Add Environmental Offset Estimate Request function and Property Report and zone and overlay maps for superseded planning schemes (Logan PS 2006, Gold Coast PS 2003 and Beaudesert Shire PS 2007).
V1.017 May 2015Commencement of Logan Planning Scheme 2015.