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Superseded Planning Schemes

The planning schemes listed in the table below have been made superseded or historic by the current version of the Logan Planning Scheme 2015.

A superseded planning scheme is created every time a new planning scheme or planning scheme amendment is gazetted.

In accordance with section 95 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, a person may ask Council to assess a development proposal under a superseded planning scheme. The request must be made to Council within one year of the date of the new planning scheme or amendment took affect.

A development proposal may not be made under an historic planning scheme. Historic planning schemes are available for information purposes only.

Documents related to the superseded or historic planning schemes can be viewed by clicking on the links in the table below.

Superseded scheme name
Superseded on
Superseded Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 3.026 May 2017
Superseded Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 2.19 December 2016
Historic scheme name
Superseded on
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 2.0 6 May 2016
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 1.111 December 2015
Historic  Logan Planning Scheme 2015 - Version 1.018 May 2015
Historic Logan Planning Scheme 200618 May 2015
Historic Gold Coast Planning Scheme 200318 May 2015
Historic Beaudesert Planning Scheme 200718 May 2015

For more information please contact Council on (07) 3412 5269.