Growth Management Core Matters

The Logan City Council Growth Management - Core Matters 2008 (GMCM) (PDF 347 KB) sets out a framework for the future planning within Logan over the period 2008-2026. The GMCM presents Council's initial policy framework to manage the challenges of growth in SEQ's South West corridor for the local community and South East Queensland.

The GMCM is a derivation of the previous Local Growth Management Strategy (LGMS) for the former Logan area. It also includes the relevant components of the Gold Coast City Council LGMS and Beaudesert Whole of Shire Planning Project which are applicable to those areas that became part of Logan under the local government reform in 2008. The GMCM provides the planning framework to the year 2026, however it is recognised that the strategic framework can be extended to 2031. Based upon the projections identified in the Draft South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 it is anticipated that Logan will accommodate significant increases in employment and residential development.

The intention of the GMCM is to provide a strategic framework for:

  • State Government infrastructure planning, funding and delivery of programs and in particular future versions of the South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program 2006-2026;
  • The planning, funding and delivery of infrastructure for which the Council has responsibility;
  • The preparation of statutory planning and infrastructure agreements for the key growth areas; and
  • The preparation of a consolidated Planning Scheme.

The GMCM identifies policies in respect of population, housing, employment, centres, infrastructure, transport, community infrastructure, urban open space and sequencing.