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Logan Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 4) Version 2 2013

The Logan Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 4) Version 2 2013 was adopted by Council on 16 September 2014, to commence on 17 September 2014.

The amendment to the Resolution provides clarity on Council's policy position related to the following matters: 

  • The criteria to be applied in deciding if development infrastructure is trunk infrastructure (in trunk infrastructure conversion applications).
  • The method to be applied for working out the establishment cost of trunk infrastructure for a refund or offset where an applicant is required under a condition of a development approval to provide land or works for trunk infrastructure. 
  • Whether an offset or refund applies, and if so, the details of the offset and refund and the timing of the offset and refund. 

 Logan Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 4) Version 2 2013 (PDF 1369 KB)

The Resolution will remain as the current charging instrument until a further amendment of the Resolution is introduced to coincide with the introduction of the new Logan Planning Scheme. 

This Resolution is in accordance with the Sustainable Planning Act 2009, which sets out certain requirements for infrastructure charges including maximum charges that can be applied for different types of residential and non-residential development.

Resolution maps

The maps associated with the resolution are contained in Section 6:

Priority Infrastructure Plan

Charge area maps

Trunk infrastructure maps

Logan Planning Scheme Area

Gold Coast Planning Scheme Area

Beaudesert Planning Scheme Area

Further information

 Fact Sheet - Logan Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 4) Version 2 2013 (PDF 79 KB) 

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To request calculation of infrastructure charges, download the Form - Request for Calculation of Infrastructure Charges (PDF 31 KB)

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