Infrastructure Planning

Amendment to the Logan Planning Scheme 2006 Priority Infrastructure Plan

The following maps form part of the Priority Infrastructure Plan:

About the PIP

Logan City Council has developed a Priority Infrastructure Plan (PIP) based on the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 framework.

The PIP predicts the infrastructure Logan will need over the next 10 to 15 years to service our growing population and support healthy, well-functioning neighbourhoods. The PIP identifies the trunk infrastructure across five networks:

  • stormwater (drainage)
  • transport (roads)
  • parks  
  • water supply
  • sewerage

The PIP supports Council in meeting Logan's future infrastructure needs by encouraging growth in areas where appropriate infrastructure already exists or can be efficiently provided. Council will update the PIP at least every five years to ensure it keeps up with actual growth in the city.

For Logan City, the Priority Infrastructure Plan:

  • details infrastructure planning for the community
  • identifies the future infrastructure needs
  • enables services and facilities to be provided more efficiently and cost effectively
  • enables current and future residents to be supported by high quality infrastructure
  • helps manage the city's growth
  • provides the framework for ongoing development, which in turn encourages investment.