Local Growth Management Strategy

The Draft Local Growth Management Strategy addresses issues identified in the South East Queensland (SEQ) Regional Plan relating to employment, population targets, infrastructure, open space, transport and housing in Logan.

The SEQ Regional Plan has significance for Logan City because Logan is a key community in the region and also because of five suburbs in Logan which have been identified as having special significance for future growth.


Springwood has been identified in the plan as a principal activity centre. Principal activity centres are defined in the SEQ Regional Plan has having, or the potential to have, sub-regional significance. They are key concentrations of employment, retail and services, with regional government offices and regionally significant health, education, cultural and entertainment facilities. They are also hubs for residential development and transport, being part of the regional transport system.

Logan Central, Shailer Park and Browns Plains

Logan Central, Shailer Park (in particular the Logan Hyperdome) and Browns Plains have been identified as major activity centres. Major activity centres are defined as areas with concentrations of employment. They provide business, services, and retail functions, and are a secondary sub-regional focus for government. Major centres also provide cultural and entertainment facilities, and are part of the regional public transport network.

Park Ridge

Park Ridge has been identified as a major development area, which means it is ear-marked for future growth. It has been included in the urban footprint in the regional plan, and will be subject to further investigation and planning before any major development can take place.

To meet the future needs of the rapidly growing South East, and, at the same time, preserve the qualities of the region that make it a great place to live, work and play, it is imperative we plan for this growth now.

Visit the Queensland Government Department of Infrastructure and Planning - South East Queensland Regional Plan for more information.