The Yarrabilba Land Use Structure Plan is a non-statutory document that shows Council's strategic direction for development within the Yarrabilba study area to 2051.

The centres-based approach encourages a self-contained development pattern through the creation of communities with a desirable mix of centre activities and dispersed local employment opportunities. It also supports the principles of transit orientated development.

In October 2010, an Urban Development Area (UDA) was declared over the Yarrabilba site. The Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA) became the planning authority for Yarrabilba and took over hte land use planning role for the area.

The Land Use Structure Plan developed by Council and formed the basis of our input into the ULDA's land use planning for Yarrabilba. In October 2011, the ULDA's Yarrabilba UDA Development Scheme was approved.


Yarrabilba Land Use Structure Plan
March 2010The Yarrabilba Draft Structure Plan adopted by Council.
April 2010Engagement commences with relevant Infrastructure Providers to commence network analysis for Yarrabilba.
May 2010Queensland Government announces its intent for the ULDA's control over future structure planning for Yarrabilba.
June 2010Engagement commences with ULDA on land use planning and infrastructure issues.
June - October 2010Workshops with stakeholders to review and refine the Yarrabilba Draft Structure Plan.
October 2010Queensland Government declares an Urban Development Area over the Greater Flagstone Area.
November 2010Yarrabilba Land Use Structure Plan completed by Council.
December 2010Council endorses Yarrabilba Land Use Structure Plan.
December 2010 - March 2012  Engagement continues with ULDA on land use planning and infrastructure issues
October 2011 Yarrabilba UDA Development Scheme approved.

For further information on the next steps of the project by the ULDA, please contact:

Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
post GPO Box 2202 Brisbane QLD 4001 Australia
visit Level 7, 63 George Street, QLD 4000 Australia
phone: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)
Email: info@dsdip.qld.gov.au