Structure Plans & Master Plans

Council is developing structure plans with input from the Logan community in various areas of Logan City. The following plans include fact sheets, newsletters and reports for each of the areas.


Council has prepared the Beenleigh Town Centre Master Plan to guide future growth in central Beenleigh. The master plan provides a strategic framework for managing growth in Beenleigh over the next 20 years.

Greater Springwood

The Greater Springwood Master Plan highlights how the area will change to become Logan's premier commercial centre.

Logan Central Master Plan

The Logan Central Master Plan provides the strategic vision that will guide the development of Logan Central to realise it's potential as the cultural and civic heart of Logan City as identified in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031.


Meadowbrook is designated in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 as a Specialist Centre based around health, research and education. Council has commenced development of the Meadowbrook Master Plan to assist Meadowbrook fulfil its role.

Park Ridge

The Planning Scheme amendments related to Park Ridge involve significant development in the area to cater for population growth and will ensure that Park Ridge develops as an integrated, sustainable urban community and employment area. View fact sheets, maps, reports and further information about the Park Ridge Structure Plan.