Final Meadowbrook Key Issues Report

The Final Meadowbrook Key Issues Report is the first step in Meadowbrook's master planning process and provides an initial assessment of the main issues the area faces in the future including physical, transport, social and economic challenges.

The report uses current data and analysis and input from a range of key stakeholders and landowners in the area. It identifies the need for a detailed master planning process to unlock a range of constraints and drive opportunities to provide a diverse, vibrant and innovative range of land uses and activities that will support the health and education focus.

The report recommends the need to undertake further background studies in order to assist the preparation of the master plan, including:

  • Access and movement strategy
  • Economic analysis
  • Housing analysis

 Meadowbrook Key Issues Report

Summary of community feedback

The Meadowbrook Draft key Issues Report was released for community feedback from 17 November to 16 December 2011. The Meadowbrook Consultation Statement summarises the individually recorded comments on the draft plan received by email, letter or through the supplied community feedback form.

Specialist Centre

The South-East Queensland Regional Plan 2009-2031 (SEQRP) designates Meadowbrook as Specialist Centre based around health, research and education. The SEQRP indicates that the centre will benefit from opportunities generated by the Logan Hospital, Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE Loganlea campus, and Griffith University Meadowbrook Campus, and access to the Brisbane to Gold Coast rail corridor.

The centre's locational advantages include immediate proximity to the Loganlea Railway Station (express stop) and high levels of access to the Logan and Pacific Motorways. Therefore, the precinct has enormous potential to become an important transit orientated centre focused on health, research and education.

Meadowbrook master plan

A draft master plan will be developed by Logan City Council. This master plan will be a non-statutory planning instrument that once endorsed by Council will be translated into a Local Plan and form part of the new Planning Scheme for Logan.

The master plan is being developed for Meadowbrook to:

  • Fulfil Meadowbrook's role under the SEQRP as a health, education and training cluster and employment opportunity area;
  • Facilitate complimentary businesses and services to encourage diversified employment opportunities;
  • Protect its specialised role from incompatible development;
  • Achieve better land use integration with the high capacity Brisbane to Gold Coast rail line
  • Ensure it continues to complement the role of other regional activity centres in Logan City.

Master plan process: key steps

  1. Targeted stakeholder meetings (Meadowbrook Advisory Group)
  2. Development of the Key Issues Report
  3. Key Issues Report approved by Council
  4. Public consultation (Key Issues Report)
  5. Development of background studies, including an Access and Movement Strategy, Economic Strategy and Housing Strategy.
  6. Enquiry-by-design (EBD) style workshop with the Meadowbrook Advisory Group
  7. Development of the Meadowbrook Draft Master Plan
  8. Meadowbrook Draft Master Plan approved by Council
  9. Public consultation (Meadowbrook Draft Master Plan)
  10. Development of the Final Meadowbrook Master Plan and Implementation Programme.

Meadowbrook Preliminary Study Area

View enlarged Meadowbrook Preliminary Study Area (PDF 1516 KB)

Loganlea Neighbourhood Plan

The Loganlea Neighbourhood Plan adjoins land on the southern part of the Meadowbrook Centre. The Loganlea Neighbourhood plan, released for public consultation in March 2011, is an infill plan providing for a range of housing choices supporting the growth of the Meadowbrook centre. The proposed Loganlea plan is a separate planning instrument and will not be included in the Meadowbrook Master Plan process.

View the Loganlea Neighbourhood Plan (PDF 7147 KB)