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Traineeships & Apprenticeships

Kick-start your career in local government and take the next step toward your future career goals in 2019!

Council is set to host and welcome 58 new trainees and apprentices in 2019, bringing our total number of cohorts to 87.

Why join our program?

Council’s Traineeship and Apprenticeship Program not only helps you gain a nationally recognised qualification, it also offers value-add opportunities such as:

  • Organisational Development Program - including training courses in Personal Productivity and Focus, Communication Techniques, Conflict Resolution and Assertiveness
  • Job Readiness Training - to prepare for the transition from Trainee/Apprentice to staff member
  • Council Ambassador opportunity at Councils annual Ignite Youth Careers Expo
  • Opportunity to co-lead community projects involving youth assisting youth

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

If you are interested in working in any of the areas listed below, we can help you attain a relevant qualification. We encourage you to get in contact with one of our trainee and apprentice service providers (Maxima, MEGT or All Trades Queensland). In 2019, we are offering a great range of qualifications which include:


  • Business
  • Companion Animal Management
  • Events
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Library & Information Services
  • Live Production & Services
  • Marketing
  • Sport & Recreation
  • Urban Pest Management


  • Boiler Maker/Sheet Metal Fabrication

How to apply

Council, via our panel of providers, is now recruiting for an early February 2019 commencement. Council is the Host Employer; however, all recruitment is undertaken by our service providers (Maxima, MEGT or All Trades Queensland) so you will need to contact one of them to be considered.

Provider Contact details
Maxima Debbie Stefancic
Phone: (07) 3800 1588 or 0413 294 874
MEGT Amy Rackley
Phone: 0428 003 212

Emma Callinan
Phone: 0417 680 842

All Trades Queensland
Mick Nielsen
Phone: 0412 284 294