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Complaints Management Process

Council has a formal complaint management process, called the "administrative action complaints process", in place. This process provides customers with the opportunity to request an administrative review of decisions made by Council officers or Council in relation to the length of time, quality or how an officer has treated a customer and where there are no other appeal provisions available.

Council places a high value on feedback from its customers and this feedback is used to shape and refine the future delivery of products and services.

A crucial part of the feedback process is the Administrative Action Complaints Policy (PDF 163 KB). A key objective of this policy is to promote public confidence in Council by ensuring openness and transparency in handling applications for administrative review of decisions made about its services and products.

How to lodge a complaint

If you have not previously raised this matter or lodged a complaint with Council, you must first contact Council. This complaints process is not about raising a "request for service", it is about making a complaint about the service provided or staff involved in providing the service.

You are encouraged to play an active part in the resolution of the problem by providing Council with as much relevant information as possible and any supporting evidence to enable a solution to be found. Your appropriate involvement in the complaint resolution is encouraged. However, if your behaviour is inappropriate, contact with you may be reduced, restricted or in some cases, contact may be ceased.

For all matters involving a Council officer, you are encouraged to contact the staff member you have been dealing with in the first instance. This officer will try to resolve the problem informally, where possible.

If you remain dissatisfied with the action taken at that level, you are encouraged to put your complaint in writing by completing the complaint form.

Council will acknowledge receipt of your written complaint within 10 business days and provide you with a response following consideration of the matter.


There is no fee associated with lodging a complaint form.


Your completed application should be forwarded to Council or posted to Logan City Council, PO Box 3226, Logan City DC QLD 4114.

Once a complaint form has been received, Council is generally obliged to make a decision within 60 business days. For more complicated issues, the timeframe for receiving a response is 90 business days.

The relevant Manager for the area will review the complaint and forward a response. If you remain dissatisfied you can request an internal review by a Director.

After the above process is complete, in the event that you remain dissatisfied with the review undertaken by Council under this process you may refer the matter to an external complaint management body, such as the Queensland Ombudsman's Office. Refer to It's OK to Complain for more information about your rights and how complaints are handled.