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Division 11

Cr Trevina Schwarz

Acting Deputy Mayor

Chairperson of the City Treasury Committee

Representing Cedar Grove, Cedar Vale, Flagstone, Flinders Lakes, Glenlogan, Greenbank (part of), Jimboomba (part of), Kagaru (part of), Lyons, Monarch Glen, New Beith, North Maclean (part of), Riverbend, Silverbark Ridge, South Maclean (part of), Undullah (part of), Veresdale (part of), Veresdale Scrub (part of) and Woodhill.

Phone: 07 3412 5511

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About Cr Schwarz

Cr Trevina Schwarz was elected as Independent Councillor for Division 11 of Logan City Council in 2012.

Trevina has lived in Division 11 for nearly 30 years, during which time she has operated a local business, raised two children and cemented herself as a valuable and active contributor within her local community.

Trevina is incredibly passionate about the unique rural residential lifestyle that Division 11 offers and she is committed to the challenge of protecting the unique landscape and lifestyle of New Logan, whilst allowing for and encouraging appropriate growth and development.

Ensuring the balance between ‘protecting the old whilst encouraging the new’ is a challenging task which Trevina states requires a proactive approach, open communication and a detailed understanding of the community’s needs, now and into the future.

As a Logan business owner for over 20 years, Trevina is conscious of the needs of local business owners and operators. She is a member of the Logan Country Chamber of Commerce, ensuring she keeps one ear to the ground when it comes to the needs of the local business community.

Trevina is equally passionate about the needs of the youth of New Logan, having raised her own children within Division 11.

In addition to her role as Divisional Councillor, Trevina is Chair of the Treasury Committee and Audit Committee and is also a member of the Council of Mayor’s. Trevina regularly and openly expresses her commitment to protecting and enhancing the unique environment and wildlife of Logan City.

Trevina is incredibly proud to represent the residents of Division 11 with dedication, passion and honesty to ensure the betterment of the community for all.