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An agenda is prepared for each of Council's standing and special committee meetings. These agendas consist of individual reports (also known as items) relevant to the responsibilities of the committee. The reports are considered by the relevant committee during their meeting, at which time they make recommendations. These committee recommendations are then considered by Council at its Ordinary meeting.

At the Ordinary meeting Council adopts 'resolutions' which are the final decision of Council. The minutes of Ordinary Council meetings, which detail the resolutions made, are subject to confirmation at the following Ordinary Council meeting.

Council's standing and special committee meetings and the Ordinary Council meeting are open to the public for viewing in the public gallery. Committee and Council meetings are held at the Logan City Council Administration Centre, located at 150 Wembley Road, Logan Central.

For a list of meeting times and dates, please refer to the Calendar of Meetings - July to October 2019 (PDF 128 KB) - for upcoming meetings.

Reports are available to the public with the exception of those classified as confidential pursuant to section 275 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Minutes are available on the website for 12 months. Should you require assistance in locating any meeting minutes, please contact the Council's Corporate Governance Branch on (07) 3412 5463.

Archived agendas and minutes

Archived agendas and Council Minutes from 1979 are available at the Queensland State Archives:

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