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Ordinary Council


Chairperson: Interim Administrator

For a list of meeting times and dates, please refer to the Calendar of Meetings for July to December 2019 (PDF 161 KB) and January to March 2020 (PDF 131 KB) for upcoming meetings.

List of Items and Agenda

View the Ordinary Council List of Items and Agenda (PDF 1714 KB)
View the Special Council List of Items and Agenda (PDF 289 KB)


Terms of reference

View the Terms of Reference (PDF 145 KB).


Members of the community may lodge a petition with Council regarding any matter in which they have an interest.

You may download the petition information sheet and petition form here (PDF 30 KB). This document details the petition requirements and lodgement procedures.

Council Chambers tours

Logan City Council offers free tours of the Council Chambers for school and community groups (for up to 30 people including parents, teachers and guides). Further information is provided in the Council Chambers tours Fact Sheet (PDF 80 KB).

If you would like to request a Council Chambers tour, please call Council on (07) 3412 3412 or email your request to