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A world of opportunities available for school-based trainees

Published: 29 June 2018

A world of opportunities available for school-based trainees
Acting Mayor Cherie Dalley with Council school-based trainees Beau Anderson, Jazmyn Wilson, Tamyah Sedgwick and William Judd.

The opportunities are endless these days for Logan students entering the workforce and starting their careers.

And with the City of Logan positioned as an innovative and dynamic city of the future, it is paramount that our young people especially are given every opportunity to realise their full potential.

Council’s traineeship program has experienced significant growth in the past year, with an increase in trainees from 42 to more than 65 this year, making it one of the largest traineeship programs for an organisation of its size.

Acting Mayor Cherie Dalley said Logan City Council had five school-based trainees working in its mechanical workshop at Marsden this year, among 65 trainees working across the organisation.

"In 2018, it's nothing to see both young men and women working under the bonnet of a car or maintaining a big machine to keep our fleet running smoothly," she said.

"Career options are so vast and there are no longer jobs that apply just to one gender.

"I worked in the construction industry in the 1980s when it was very much a 'man's world' but the world has changed and Council is proud to employ people based on their skills, interests and experience in 2018."

Trainees Beau Anderson, Jazmyn Wilson, Tamyah Sedgwick, William Judd and Riley Kennedy said they all wanted to pursue mechanical apprenticeships when they completed their senior studies at high school.

They each work at Council's workshop one day a week, getting the opportunity to complete full services on Council fleet vehicles, and attend school the other four days a week.

Cr Dalley said Council's trainees and apprentices often gained further employment within the organisation after they completed their qualifications while many more go on to be employed with other local businesses.

"We like to invest in Logan's youth as there are many benefits: we grow our economy, we boost our skills base and we can deliver more services to our community," she said.

"That's also why we are proud to host our IGNITE Youth Careers Expo once again next month."

The expo gives local people the opportunity to kick-start their careers by exploring different professions and study options.

It will be held at Logan Metro Sports Centre, 357 Browns Plains Rd, Crestmead on Tuesday, July 24 from 9.30am to 2.30pm.

Entry is free.

For more information, phone 3412 3412 or email