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Algae alert for Dennis Lake

Published: 29 April 2016

Algae alert for Dennis Lake

Residents in Daisy Hill are advised to avoid all contact with water in Dennis Lake, with confirmation that a blue-green algae bloom is in progress.

Council staff confirmed the discovery following complaints from local residents, and have undertaken water quality sampling as well as installed warning signs around the lake.

Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee Chairperson, Cr Lisa Bradley, said the bloom was likely due to unseasonably warm and dry conditions.

“Algal blooms can rapidly appear as the result of a combination of factors, including high temperatures, dry conditions, still water and high nutrient levels,” she said.

“This year’s long summer weather has contributed to rapid evaporation at Dennis Lake and other locations around Logan, with this and other water issues a direct result.

“Council strongly advises residents to avoid any contact with the water, or allow pets to swim in affected locations.

“These blooms pose serious risks to health, including skin rashes, eye irritations, ear aches, and pose a risk to aquatic life in the lake itself.

“While these blooms can be seasonal, the community can help by restricting the use of fertilizers on gardens and lawns, and careful storage of grass clippings, which help to minimise nutrient inflows.

“I strongly urge our community members and visitors to pay attention to warning signs or risk serious ill health.

“We appreciate your patience and cooperation while this bloom unfolds.”

Council environment officers will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds.