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Beenleigh Town Centre project on track

Published: 2 April 2015

Beenleigh Town Centre project on track
Crs Jennie Breene and Cherie Dalley are looking forward to work starting on the Beenleigh Town Square Project.

By early-May, Council will have a shortlist of contractors for the second stage of the Beenleigh Town Square project head contractor tender process.

Planning and Development Committee Chair, Councillor Cherie Dalley, said the shortlisting of candidates for the second stage would be a detailed and thorough process.

 “After this, the documentation will be completed and we will be seeking a lump sum price before starting construction in the second half of this year,” she said.

Cr Dalley said she was delighted with the progress to date with all aspects remaining on schedule despite some initial delays.

“That in itself is rather unusual on a project of this magnitude,” she said.

“But it is critical we keep to pre-determined deadlines. Many of them have been determined by funding arrangements that have stipulated certain deadlines that had to be achieved.”

Councillor Jennie Breene (Division 12), said the promise of change was having a positive impact on the majority of businesses and residents in Beenleigh.

“Throughout the community consultation process everyone we have approached has been genuinely excited about this project and what it will mean not only for Beenleigh, but also for Logan City,” she said.

“The aspect that really intrigues the majority of people is the fact the City Rd roundabout is changing. A large number of residents we have spoken to see that roundabout as an unsafe area for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians and they are happy for that to be changed.”

But it is not only the changing of the much-maligned roundabout that will reinvigorate Beenleigh, the transformation of bitumen to open space will breathe fresh air and life into the CBD.

“The project will remove around 50 per cent of the existing bitumen and turn this important part of the CBD into an urban green open space,” Cr Breene said.

“We are hoping, and I am confident, this project will be the catalyst to create more amenity in the town centre and hopefully that will attract further development.”

With construction set to shift into gear in the second half of this year, Cr Breene said the “best case scenario” would be a September 2015 completion date.

“The first part to be tackled as part of the construction is some early electrical and stormwater relocation works, followed by the roadworks and then hard and soft landscaping to the new town square,” she said.

“Once these have been done the architecture such as the civic platform, arbour structures and café will be installed.”