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Brisbane Writers Festival’s acclaimed authors visit Logan City Libraries for the first time

Published: 5 September 2016

Brisbane Writers Festival’s acclaimed authors visit Logan City Libraries for the first time

The Brisbane Writers Festival will head to Logan City Council Libraries for the first time with author talks by two acclaimed British novelists on Saturday 10 September.

Chair of the Sports and Community Services Committee, Councillor Steve Swenson, said the City of Logan was keen to embrace the festival and host two acclaimed authors.

“Best-selling historical fiction writer Chris Cleave will discuss his latest work Everyone Brave is Forgiven – while digital fiction author Kate Pullinger – will consider the intersection of narrative and today’s technology, in discussions with visitors at two of our libraries,” he said.

“Chris Cleave’s novels have been published in 30 languages and adapted for screen and stage, while Kate Pullinger is well known for her innovative use of technology to engage with audiences.
“This is a wonderful opportunity for our residents to experience the benefits of our city hosting literary events such as these, which we do on a fairly regular basis.”

Chris Cleave’s debut publication Incendiary, was an international bestseller and multiple prize winner and his second novel, Little Bee, also met worldwide success. His third book, Gold, confirmed his status as a remarkable novelist with psychological insight.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven was inspired by his grandparents’ World War II courtship, exploring lives, loves and losses beneath the stiff-upper-lip of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, as described by his publisher:

“It’s 1939, and the world is at war. Within an hour of hostilities being declared in Britain, Mary, a headstrong young socialite, volunteers to serve. She is assigned to teach children who have been rejected – for various reasons of identity – by the countryside to which they were evacuated. It is in this role that Mary meets Tom, an education administrator in her school district.

“Their professional relationship quickly becomes personal. But when Mary meets art dealer Alistair, Tom’s best friend who has enlisted, the three are drawn into a dilemma they must navigate while trying to survive an escalating war.”

While Cleave explores the manners, social conditions and historical detail of days gone by, Kate Pullinger locates her daily work and her story within today’s busy world permeated by technology, even using her smartphone to complete chapters.

Her book, Landing Gear, began as an online collaboration – a ‘networked novel’ – with multimedia writer Chris Joseph. It is based on a real newspaper account of immigrants so desperate for a new life that they risked clinging to the undercarriage of aircraft.

“Suburban housewife Harriet spends her days doing what she’s worst at. Formerly a local radio host, now she grocery shops for her family who has too much to eat, [she] parents a son who refuses to communicate with her, and tries to be a wife to a man who hasn’t embraced her in years.

“But what starts out as a mundane trip to the supermarket turns her world upside down when a mysterious man falls out of the sky from the landing gear of an airplane on to her car, and survives. He’s starving and he’s freezing cold. What can she do but bring him home to her family?

Chris Cleave will appear at Logan North Library on Saturday 10 September from 10am-11am while Kate Pullinger will be at the Logan Hyperdome Library from midday to 1pm. Guests are welcome to attend both sessions. For bookings, go to