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Community Safety Symposium highlights child protection issues

Published: 17 June 2015

Community Safety Symposium highlights child protection issues

Key issues around child protection will be explored at a community safety symposium being hosted by Logan City Council in partnership with Griffith University and Children's Safety Australia Inc on Monday 22 June.

The symposium, open to representatives from government, non-government and community organisations and child protection advocates, will be presented with the latest research by child protection professionals, including the Queensland Police Service's Taskforce Argos, which investigates online child exploitation and abuse.

Logan Safe City Advisory Committee Chairperson and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Russell Lutton, said those attending the symposium would extend their knowledge of best practice in in the child protection initiatives.

"We're really excited to be offering this symposium, which will improve understanding of child protection in Logan and communities throughout Australia," he said.

"Logan City Council has regularly taken a lead on issues in community safety, working closely with police, advocates and community groups to develop community based initiatives."

Speakers at next week's symposium include:

  • Melanie Zimmer-Gembeck – professor in applied psychology and the Menzies Heath Institute of Queensland at Griffith University and the Director of The Family Interaction Program (FIP). She has published more than 150 articles, books, edited volumes and book chapters.
  • Haley Webb – a clinical psychologist and researcher who is interested primarily in child and adolescent development, with a focus on the role of key relationships (i.e. parent-child) in shaping a range of psychological outcomes.
  • Taskforce Argos – a highly specialised branch of the Queensland Police Service responsible for investigating onlne child exploitation and abuse. Task Force Argos expends considerable effort to protect children online by researching contemporary technology to effectively target online predators.
  • Freda Briggs AO – author, emeritus professor, humanitarian and child protection expert, Freda is a researcher and lecturer in sociology, child protection and family studies for the University of South Australia. Freda has published 19 books on child abuse and child protection issues and written countless journals.

The City of Logan Community Safety Symposium will be held on Monday 22 June from 9am to 1.30pm at Griffith University Logan Campus (L08 Theatre 2), University Dr, Meadowbrook.

For more information, phone 3412 4620 or email