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Council closing the gap with RAP

Published: 21 March 2017

Council closing the gap with RAP

16 March 2017

Council closing the gap with Indigenous Internship

Logan City Council is taking another step towards Closing the Gap by launching an Indigenous internship.

Business graduate and law student Suzie Howard, 28, from Slacks Creek, today began work as a law intern, sharing her time between Council and its legal counsel, Gadens.

Ms Howard will be employed in Council’s Corporate Property branch, focussing on leases, easements, caveats and the organisation’s cultural heritage and native title policy.

Logan Mayor Councillor Luke Smith said the appointment of Ms Howard was another step towards Closing the Gap on Indigenous outcomes.

“The ninth Closing the Gap report shows that real success is being achieved at a local level across the country – by individuals, communities, organisations and government,” Cr Smith said.

“True gains are possible when Indigenous people can work with governments and set agendas that impact their wellbeing.

“Today, on Closing the Gap Day, we’re proud to be announcing this appointment in conjunction with our legal counsel, Gadens, a leading law firm committed to promoting individuality and diversity.

“Likewise, our Reconciliation Action Plan incorporates practical actions to build strong relationships and respect. It focusses on the history and contribution of Logan’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population and Ms Howard, being part of an extensive local family, is a fine recipient of this Indigenous internship.”

Ms Howard said she was excited to take up the appointment.

"Internships are investments in your future so having this opportunity at Logan City Council is amazing. It will help set the foundation for my future career,” she said.

“I hope to achieve real-world experience in the public sector while learning and understanding the operations and functions of local government.

“My long-term plan is to be a government or corporate lawyer, so I hope my story and experiences will inspire others from Indigenous and multicultural backgrounds to pursue internships or work experience in their chosen career fields".

Indigenous Elder Barry Watson congratulated Council on its progress in implementing the Reconciliation Action Plan.

“This is exciting for the City of Logan. There are so many things happening,” he said.

“Council has formulated its Reconciliation Action Plan and now it’s taking on more Indigenous employees and introducing cultural awareness training for staff.

“This will lead to more Indigenous representation in the Council.

“We’re very proud of our achievers, including Suzie Howard, and have no doubt they’re leading us all towards real change.”