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Council offers land for agistment

Published: 2 May 2018

Council offers land for agistment

Logan residents with livestock or horses can apply to lease unused Council land for grazing with applications for agistment now open.

City Treasurer Cr Trevina Schwarz said the agistment process meant Council’s land assets were being put to use in a way that benefitted ratepayers and livestock/horse owners.

“This is land that we have designated for use in the future, but in the meantime is not being used by Council,” Cr Schwarz said.

“So rather than let it sit dormant, agistments are a cost-effective approach to utilising the land.

“Agistments allow members of the community to use this land to graze livestock, namely cattle and horses, and at the same time assist with maintaining the properties to be free of noxious weeds and long grass.”

Three sites are available in Waterford West, along with locations at Logan Reserve and South Maclean.

For an Application Information package, please contact Corporate Property on (07) 3412 5518 or email with your contact and mailing details.

Your application form and copies of any supporting documentation must be received by close of business Friday, May 18.