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Election sign guidelines released

Published: 7 August 2015

Election sign guidelines released

Guidelines for election signs in the City of Logan have been released ahead of local government elections in March 2016.

There will be no limit to the number of election signs a candidate can display with signs restricted to 1.1 square metres in size unless displayed on an approved advertisement.

Animals & City Standards Committee Chairperson Councillor Graham Able (Division 5) said Logan City Council supports freedom of communication during election campaigns and the local law revision ensures clear guidelines are in place for all candidates.

"The election sign guidelines are about taking a common sense approach to ensure signs are displayed safely and will apply to all future local, state and federal elections," he said.

"A fact sheet will be sent to all political parties and known candidates to ensure there is an even playing field.

"It is important that every candidate has the same opportunity to advertise however this must not come at a cost to the safety of the public."

Council will monitor the exhibition of election signs and will remove signs where they pose a risk to road safety or public health and safety.

Election signs must be kept in good order and repair and must not be exhibited on Council property. Non-compliance may result in the removal of offending signs and penalties may apply.

For full details on prescribed criteria for election signs click here.