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Gnarly new BMX spot arriving

Published: 1 August 2016

Gnarly new BMX spot arriving
Cr Jennie Breene at some older BMX units that have reached the end of their useful life.

The internationally renowned Doug Larsen Park BMX and skate facility will be demolished and replaced, as the existing complex is close to reaching the end of its useful life.

First built in 2004 by the then Gold Coast City Council, the original structure is showing signs it is due to be replaced, becoming too expensive to continually maintain and a potential safety risk to riders.

Parks, Animals and City Standards Committee Chair, Jennie Breene, said all the existing equipment would be replaced with an equivalent facility built to a standard that caters to a range of levels, including advanced riders.

“The Doug Larsen Park BMX and skate facility has an international reputation as a leading design for many different styles, and has nurtured a number of Australian stars who are making their name on the international scene,” she said.

“The asphalt the park is built on is failing, posing a further risk to the facility’s ongoing viability and safety, as well as creating a hazard for riders as it crumbles.”

Cr Breene said the most feasible option is to remove the existing equipment and replace it with new equipment.

“We understand the value this park has in our community, so we are committed to replacing it with a design of similar construction and layout,” she said.

“The new facility will cater to a range of BMX, skate and scooter riders, and mirror as close as possible the elements users value most.

“It is anticipated the new facility will have a design life of at least 20 years, ensuring that future generations will be challenged by the place that helped grow many careers.”

Community consultation will being in the next few months, to get the project underway.