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Ideas flow for River Vision

Published: 25 August 2016

Ideas flow for River Vision

Community consultation on a new 50 year vision for the Logan River has concluded, with ideas flooding in from across the City of Logan on how our residents could access and value our river in the future.

Now, the wealth of information gathered will be considered and complied into a final draft vision, before it is released for further community feedback, expected to be held in late October this year.

City of Logan Mayor Luke Smith said a wide range of ideas had been put forward, including the creation of cultural spaces along the river, a floating education centre, greater conservation and more tourism opportunities.

“Some really fascinating ideas have been put forward by a wide range of people, from residents, business, scientists and conservationists,” he said.

“An interesting idea suggested a floating walkway that connects places of cultural importance to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, with educational boards telling these, as well as European settlement stories, as the river winds through the city.

“Another idea was the creation of a floating education centre that travels up and down the river, where people could discuss the environment and river habitats with experts.

“During the community workshop the interesting concept of creating distinct precincts along the river was discussed – our conversations have revealed that distinct uses happen along the river, from agriculture to recreation, fishing and aquaculture, depending on the river section.”

Mayor Smith said some clear overall themes had emerged on how the community views the Logan River and how the community want to see it treated into the future.

“A major theme that has emerged is the need for greater access and connection to the river, however we also recognise that more environmental work, such as rehabilitation, more trees and to bring wildlife back, as well as more work to remove mud and sediment, particularly around our boat ramps,” he said.

“Council now has a clearer direction on where to from here, and I’m looking forward to bringing a draft vision back to the community later this year.”

A draft 50 year vision outlining what our community want for the river will now be prepared using the community input we've received so far.

A further consultation round is expected in October, and will include a draft vision for feedback.