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Important message for dog breeders

Published: 26 May 2017

Important message for dog breeders

Dog breeders in Logan are urged to familiarise themselves with new State Government legislation designed to promote the responsible breeding of dogs within Queensland.

Animals, Parks and City Standards Committee Chairperson Councillor Jennie Breene said the new legislation which takes effect today (26 May 2017) affected anyone breeding dogs.

“Any puppies born after today must be registered on the Queensland Dog Breeder Register at within 28 days of their birth,” Cr Breene said.

“Once registered you will be given a supply number which you will need to display when you sell or give away your puppies and this number must be shown when you undertake any form of advertising.”

Cr Breene said Logan City Council welcomed the legislation which applies only to puppies and dogs born from today onwards.

“This new legislation endeavours to combat the growing number of unwanted, abandoned and stray dogs in the community and applies to all puppies, including accidental litters.”

Cr Breene said failure to register for a supply number would result in hefty fines.

“If you have current breeder approval or a licence in Logan, you do not need to register.

“Logan Council will register on your behalf and your approval or licence number becomes your supply number.

“Residents will also have the capacity via this new register to make a complaint about welfare concerns and unlawful puppy breeding.”

To register and find more information and fact sheets about puppy breeding in Queensland visit