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Innovative water-saving project reaches final stages

Published: 12 May 2016

Innovative water-saving project reaches final stages

An innovative, award-winning water-saving program that started 10 years ago in the City of Logan – saving the equivalent of an Olympic swimming pool full of water every day – is reaching its final stages.

The pressure and leakage management program started in 2006 at the peak of the 'Millennium Drought' to reduce the potential for breaks in Logan's extensive water pipeline network while also improving the way Logan City Council managed the network day-to-day.

Roads and Water Committee Chairman, Councillor Phil Pidgeon, said the city's water pipeline network was very large, and had been broken down in to smaller 'district metered areas' to help Council manage the large network and pressure and leakage issues.

"Some people may not realise, but excessively-high water pressure can actually cause wear and tear on the pipe network, which leads to leaks and bursts that waste water and interrupt water supply for homes and businesses," he said.

"The pressure and leakage management program has saved Council and ratepayers almost $15 million since 2006, simply by detecting and repairing leaks in pipes and using technology to control the pressure to a more consistent level.

"Here in Logan, we've seen the number of pipe bursts drop by a whopping 38 per cent as a direct result of this program."

The pressure and leakage management program is now being rolled out in the city's southern parts, with 10 projects being completed in Jimboomba, Greenbank, New Beith and Munruben by the end of June.

"With more than 2,000 kilometres of pipeline making up Logan's water network, it's been a massive project to complete, as Council has painstakingly analysed every inch of the pipes to reduce leakage," Cr Pidgeon said.

"I'd say the results speak for themselves, and I want to congratulate the staff who've been involved in making the project happen."

Residents may notice work happening in the following areas between now and the end of June:

  • Jimboomba: Henderson Rd, Elderberry Dr, Johanna St and South St
  • New Beith: Red Gum Rd and New Beith Rd
  • Greenbank: Sentinel Dr and Pub Lane
  • Munruben: Greenhill Rd
  • Cedar Grove: Cedar Grove Rd

For more information about the pressure and leakage management program, call 3412 9600.