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Join Logan’s innovation conversation

Published: 29 August 2017

Join Logan’s innovation conversation
Participants at the City of Logan’s Unpacking Innovation event in May

The City of Logan will be an innovation powerhouse.  

That is the vision laid out by the city’s Mayor Luke Smith, who today announced the development of Logan City Council’s first City Futures Strategy.

Mayor Smith called on the community to participate in an upcoming series of events and engagement activities designed to encourage the co-creation of innovative and forward-thinking ideas.

“Building on our Unpacking Innovation event, with such enthusiasm right across the community, Logan City Council is committed to placing innovation front and centre,” Mayor Smith said.

“Priority number one is the development of the City Futures Strategy that will set the direction for the city’s transformation agenda.

“If we are to succeed in the future, we need to invest in ideas, create connections and cultivate new industries and job opportunities.

“Digital possibility is here now, and as technology provides us with new ways to deliver services, it’s important we innovate for the people of Logan.

“We have a vision for the City of Logan to become an innovative and dynamic city of the future.

“Now is the time to work with our community, businesses and stakeholders to develop a strategy that sets out the actions for how we will realise that vision and deliver that future.”

Consultation is now open online at  

All members of the community, local businesses and innovators are encouraged to have their say, and share their great ideas.

Logan City Council will continue its innovation conversation with the community during a series of ‘Futures Roundtables’ in September that will explore innovation barriers and opportunities.

“We all have vested interests in our State’s ongoing development, so it’s vital we work together. Together, we can shape a positive future for this generation and those to come,” Mayor Smith said.

Kimberley Park State School Principal, James Forrest, said he was looking forward to contributing ideas that could help Logan map out its innovation opportunities.

“Driving innovation and improving the way we do things is not just the responsibility of our community and business leaders,” he said.

“Innovation is everyone’s business and we all have a role to play in shaping the world and the way we live in it.

“At Kimberley Park State School, we challenge our students at a very young age to think about how they can use information, technology and science to create new ideas and solutions to problems.

“It’s not so much about solving the problem, as it is about adopting a growth mindset and to always strive for something better.

“And I believe the families who live in our local communities deserve the opportunity to have a say in shaping a prosperous and thriving city.  

“So that’s why I’m looking forward to next month’s roundtable events and being part of Logan’s innovation conversations.”

The community is invited to contribute ideas to Council’s draft City Futures Strategy until 1 October 2017.