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Learn about pets to be Pet Smart for the holidays

Published: 30 November 2015

Learn about pets to be Pet Smart for the holidays
Council Officer Kylie, centre, teaching the Be Pet Smart program at Burrowes State School.

Pets come in all different shapes and sizes – from furry to fluffy, feathered and hairy – but they all provide hours of love and affection for their human companions.

However, some pets can be more work than others - and learning to look after a pet can sometimes be too much.

Logan City Council has created what is believed to be the first of its kind – a dedicated resource and teaching aid that links to the national curriculum and teaches children up to Year Three the ins and outs of looking after pets and staying safe around strange dogs.

Animals and City Standards Committee Chair, Councillor Graham Able, said the will be available free of charge to early learning centres and schools across Logan who book in a free session with the Be Pet Smart education team.

“Being safe around pets and knowing how to care for them can be hard when pets haven’t been part of to the family house before,” he said.

“Children can learn a lot about the world around them through pet ownership, but equally, children who don’t have regular contact with pets such as dogs need to learn the correct manners for interacting with strange dogs.

“This document has been put together by behaviour specialists, with an eye to the national curriculum, and designed to give kids a hands-on, interactive, lesson on pet care, manners and safety.

“With this resource teachers can confidently integrate learning about pets into already planned Science and Health and Physical Education lessons looking at the world around them, basic needs of living things and being healthy safe and active. Dog Safety is a valuable life lesson for young children to learn.”

Cr Able said now was the time for anyone considering a puppy or a kitten for Christmas to have a family conversation about how they would be cared for over their lifetime.

“It’s important children learn about the responsibilities of pet ownership before asking mum or dad to get a pet for Christmas,” he said.

“Caring for a pet is a lifelong job, one that can get difficult when other life pressures such as work, school and going away for holidays are factored in.

“Keeping pets is overwhelmingly a positive thing, and something we support, but it must be done in a responsible way that cares for the health and wellbeing of the animals as well as their homes.”

Contact Logan City Council’s Animal Management on 3412 5397 to book in a free session for your school and receive the activity book and teacher’s resource for free.