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Logan alive with koalas

Published: 30 October 2015

Logan alive with koalas

A second koala scat survey has confirmed the presence of koalas across wide – and sometimes unexpected - parts of Logan City.

Building on the first ever survey conducted in 2014, this year's survey focussed on private land which owners volunteered for survey.

Parks, Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee Chair, Cr Trevina Schwarz (Division 11), said the results appeared to confirm anecdotal evidence and community reports of widespread koala distribution in the city.

"We've known for some time that koalas were present in Logan, through both local legend and community sightings," she said.

"This year, Council recruited a number of private landholders with large sections of bush who volunteered their property for survey.

"We have detected koala presence in wide ranges of the city's west – from Greenbank through to Undullah and Lyons – demonstrating that koalas range right across the length and breadth of the city.

"It's great news for animal lovers and for the city, confirming community reports and anecdotal evidence that has been building for some time."

Cr Schwarz urged Logan residents to be extra vigilant driving at dusk and night as the warmer months meant breeding season for koalas.

"Dog attacks are one of the leading causes of koala death, and I want to urge Logan residents to pay particular care for the next month or two," she said.

"Mating season means koalas will be far more active, noisy and visible, so please make sure to keep domestic animals separated from koalas during the next few months."

Logan residents are invited to join the annual Great Koala Count from 7-22 November this year.

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