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Logan City Council water and sewerage bills for 2015/2016 kept to CPI

Published: 12 May 2015

Logan City Council water and sewerage bills for 2015/2016 kept to CPI

The majority of Logan City Council ratepayers are expected to have lower water and sewerage bills from 1 July this year, with the average ratepayer expected to save around $12 as long as the State Government endorses the recommended reduction in bulk water price for Logan.

Council has kept its cost of providing a water and sewerage service to residents and businesses down to CPI - only a 1.4% increase.

Logan City Council's water and sewerage pricing is as follows:
* Water base charge - increases from $290.16 to $294.20 (1.39% increase)
* Sewerage charge – increases from $684.80 to $694.40 (1.40% increase)
* Retail (Council component) consumption per kilolitre charge - increases by one cent.

Roads and Water Infrastructure Committee Chairman, Councillor Don Petersen said savings realised in a number of areas across Council's water business had allowed it to contain price increases to the Consumer Price Index.

"Being able to realise those savings, through cost cutting and more efficient business practices, has put us in a position to pass those savings on to ratepayers."

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has recommended a 6.7% drop in bulk water charges for Logan City in its final report on the SEQ Water Price Path 2015-2018. The report recommends a bulk water price of $2.68 per kilolitre, which is subject to approval by the State Government.

Taking into account the recommended bulk water cost, the total cost to consumers for water in Logan will be $3.68 per kilolitre, compared with $3.86 per kilolitre last year.

Cr Petersen said while Council applauded the reduction in the bulk price, Logan ratepayers deserved a win on their water bills after large increases to the price of State Government-controlled bulk water over the past seven years.

"We have made it clear to our State counterparts that price rises like those seen over the past seven years hit our communities hard and cannot be sustained," Cr Petersen said.

"A decrease in bulk water charges will be a welcome relief for Logan residents, we will pass on any decrease in full to our water users and urge the State Government to support the QCA's recommendations."

"Logan's population is projected to top 400,000 people by 2031, so it is imperative that Council's investment in new and renewal infrastructure programs keeps pace with that growth.

"Residents should expect to receive a safe and reliable water supply and sewerage service and Council's ongoing investment program ensures they do."

Cr Petersen said the capital program would invest $58.9 million in water and sewerage infrastructure in 2015/2016.  This includes $29 million in new infrastructure and $29.9 million in asset replacements and renewals.

"The value of Logan's water and sewerage infrastructure is approximately $2 billion so it is critical that we continue to invest in the renewal of ageing assets," he said.

"Since 2008, Council has invested about $85 million in the augmentation of the Alfred Street Pump Station, the Loganholme Wastewater Treatment Plant inlet works and the connecting rising main – the largest sewerage upgrade in Logan in more than a decade.

"The next major project upstream of the Alfred Street pump station is the Slacks Creek Trunk Sewer Main, which will see $27 million invested over three years on the renewal and strengthening of the capacity of the trunk sewerage system.

"Council will also invest $6 million on water supply main renewals and $6.5 million on sewerage network renewals this year."

For further information, visit or phone 3412 3412.

* The expected saving of $12 is based on Logan's average residential water usage of approximately 150 kilolitres per year.