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Logan City Mayor Pam Parker not to contest 2016 election

Published: 6 March 2015

Logan City Mayor Pam Parker not to contest 2016 election

Logan City Mayor Pam Parker has today announced she will not be contesting the 2016 Mayoral election.

Speaking in front of almost 400 guests at an International Women's Day brunch at the Logan Entertainment Centre today, Mayor Pam Parker reflected on her 18 years in Logan City Council, and the trials and triumphs of leading Australia's fifth most populated Local Government Area.

"After consulting my family and close friends, I have decided I will not be contesting the next election as Mayor of Logan", said Mayor Parker.

"This is a decision I have not taken lightly, as there are many who believe in me and know of my genuine love and care for this great city and its people, having served 11 years as a Councillor, and now seven years as Mayor.

"I do have remorse in making this announcement, however after the next Local Government elections in March 2016, it will be time for me to recharge, rebuild my health, reconnect with my family and friends and begin the next chapter of life."

Mayor Pam Parker was first elected as a Divisional Councillor in 1997, and over 11 years built a strong reputation for working hard and caring for the community.

With the support of family and close friends, Cr Parker contested the 2008 Mayoral election and stormed home with an impressive 72% of the two-candidate preferred vote, defeating a former Mayor and former State Government Minister.

Mayor Pam Parker this morning paid tribute to the many people who supported and encouraged her during her time as Mayor.

"I was blessed to be surrounded by such a supportive family and staff who truly sustained me throughout my first term as Mayor given the toxic political environment in Council at that time", said Mayor Parker.
"Add to that overseeing Local Government amalgamation, DA reform, and water restructuring, my first term can only be described as gruelling.

"Thankfully, my second term has afforded me the opportunity to do more of what I do best – and that is to promote the City of Logan like there is no tomorrow."

With just over one year until the next Local Government elections, Mayor Pam Parker re-affirmed her commitment to fervently serving the people of Logan right through until her very last day as Mayor.

"Over the next year I am going to passionately continue letting the world know why Logan is a city of opportunity for investors, business and residents", said Mayor Parker.

"We are a city on the go and we are hungry as a Council team for businesses to invest in Logan to create jobs for today's residents and future generations - our children's future is all consuming for me.

"There will be ample opportunity over the next 12 months to say farewell to the thousands of people I have met over the past nearly two decades, but in the meantime, there is still much work to do."