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Logan joins the drive to make our roads safer

Published: 27 August 2018

Logan joins the drive to make our roads safer
Acting Mayor, Cr Cherie Dalley (front) is joined by (L-R) Sgt Robert Rae, Logan District Officer Chief Superintendent Ben Marcus and City Roads and Infrastructure Chair Cr Phil Pidgeon at the launch of road safety week.

Logan has kicked it up a gear to support Queensland Road Safety Week (August 27–31), with a simulator being used to send a clear message to the public about the risks of unsafe driving practices.

City Roads and Water Chairman, Councillor Phil Pidgeon said Council was committed to making our roads safer through its SafeRoads4Logan strategy.

"We support the State Government's 'Join the drive to save lives' road safety campaign because it aligns with what we are doing under SafeRoads4Logan," he said.

“SafeRoads4Logan is a partnership between Council, the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Health, Transurban and RACQ, aimed at reducing serious and fatal crashes in Logan by encouraging motorists to drive safely.”

Cr Pidgeon said local activities for Road Safety Week would focus on the Fatal Five – drink driving, speeding, driving without seatbelts, distracted driving and driving tired.

"We see too many people ignoring the risks time and time again, often with fatal consequences," he said.

"We want to reduce serious and fatal crashes in Logan by creating a city where everyone can travel safely, respect the rights of others and behave responsibly."

Acting Mayor Cherie Dalley said Road Safety Week encouraged the community to get involved in making our roads safer and challenging the status quo.

“Just one death on our roads is one too many,” she said.

"We need to be confident that everyone travelling on our roads gets to where they want to go, every single time, without running the risk of being involved in a collision.

Queensland Road Safety Week activities are happening from Monday, August 27 to Friday, August 31. Learn more at

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