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Logan roads featured on new mapping platform

Published: 11 October 2019

Logan roads featured on new mapping platform
This is an image of Logan's virtual road network.

Logan City Council has embraced a new online platform that makes virtual mapping even more accessible.

Logan is leading the way among Australian councils using Mapillary.

The platform turns street-level images into detailed virtual road networks.

The system is distinct from Google Maps as it uses an “open data format” which allows any user, on any device, to contribute or download images.

Its ability to collate data from anytime, anywhere, means much of its imagery is more up-to-date than images on other platforms.

It also identifies features such as pavement, kerb and channel, signs, footpaths, lights, line markings or guardrails.

This innovation is a step towards the next generation of road asset management practices.

Logan City Council recently uploaded 4.4 million images to the site. That covers more than 2250kms of the city’s sealed roads.

The data upload was the largest so far by any Australian council.

Logan City Council Acting Roads Director Daryl Ross said it was an efficient way of capturing and examining large amounts of data.

“Logan City Council handles a vast local road network,” Mr Ross said.

“This system is another tool we can use to track any issues that arise and use resources where needed."

Council staff are continuing to upload data to Mapillary using vehicle-mounted cameras.

The system publishes content after blurring any private information that may have been captured, including faces and number plates.

Logan’s digital road network is online at