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Logan rolled in NBN rollout

Published: 4 June 2015

Logan rolled in NBN rollout

Logan schools and businesses are in danger of being left behind in the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN).

As higher speed internet services are rolled out across the country to meet a 2020 deadline, Council has called for a greater investment in new connections for the City of Logan.

Governance, Finance and Economic Development Committee Chairperson, Councillor Luke Smith (Division 6), said the need for high speed internet connections was critical to attracting new business in Logan and supporting its students.

"The NBN Co has set itself the goal of providing eight million high speed internet connections across Australia by 2020," Cr Smith said.

"However, the only welcome news we have for the NBN in Logan to date is the trial that we have been told is due to start later this year in Slacks Creek and the rollouts planned for Logan Village and Jimboomba.

"We are glad to hear those communities are on NBN Co's radar but there are so many more locations in Logan that are also in desperate need and should be on their list sooner rather than later."

Cr Smith said the economic viability of Logan as well as the educational needs of people living in rural fringe areas needed to be strategically considered in the rollout.

"Logan is placed at the centre of a major transport corridor with access to a regional catchment of over three million people," Cr Smith said.

"High-speed internet connections are one of the keys to decentralising South-East Queensland's economy, allowing people freedom to work remotely rather than leaving Logan to join the peak hour car park on the M1. 

"By giving people the choice of getting to work on a digital highway instead of an asphalt one, we can encourage new employment hubs in Logan that bring more people and jobs here.

"Unfortunately, we have seen businesses looking to locate themselves in Logan tell us they won't come because of the lack of high speed internet access."

Cr Smith said despite NBN Co's promise of world-class internet speeds in the near future, the current standard of infrastructure in some of Logan's rural communities fell well behind their city-based counterparts.

"The lack of speed and access to the internet is an important issue for Logan's rural areas too," Cr Smith said.

"A reliable internet connection is an essential part of learning in today's world, in schools and at home.

"A person's educational opportunities should not be limited just because they live in a rural area.

"We are moving into a digital future, everyone knows that, so Council cannot afford to see Logan's place as one of Australia's fastest growing cities compromised by further delays or deliberations in the NBN rollout."