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Logan to reinforce economic ties with North American partners

Published: 8 December 2017

Logan to reinforce economic ties with North American partners

City of Logan Mayor Luke Smith will lead a Council delegation to North America this month to strengthen economic ties with local government authorities and attract potential investors.

Mayor Smith said the 10-day trade mission to the United States and Canada reinforces the business and government connections established during last year’s visit as part of Council’s Global Connections Strategy 2016-2021.

The Council delegation will meet with local government officials in Cincinnati, the fastest growing economy in the Midwestern United States, as well as with trade organisations in Kitchener, Vancouver, Surrey and Richmond in Canada.

“Our delegation will be meeting with key government and business networks to leverage our economic relationships in North America,” Mayor Smith said.

“The delegation will be attending the MetroLab Network 2017 Annual Summit - a network of 35 city-universities focussed on bringing data, analytics and innovation to city government.

“We will also be discussing and negotiating economic agreements for potential collaborations around innovation hubs, smart city solutions and partnerships that create the framework for cooperation in the areas of government, innovation and technology, as well as raising our profile globally.

“Excitingly, we will be signing an Economic Agreement with the City of Cincinnati – the first time our city has signed such an agreement in the United States.

“We are also progressing our partnership agreements with Innovation hubs in Canada – Communitech in Kitchener, and CityStudio in Vancouver.”

In addition to furthering global partnerships in innovation, Smart City initiatives and economic development, the delegation will use this opportunity to promote trade and investment opportunities in the City of Logan.

“We need to ensure international investors know that the City of Logan is a great place to grow their businesses,” said Mayor Smith.

“Our city is in the centre of the rapidly growing South-East Queensland region and is uniquely placed at the centre of a major transport corridor, enabling businesses to access domestic and global markets and achieve time and cost efficiencies.

“Global connections, international investment in our city and increased export opportunities for Logan businesses are essential to delivering significant commercial and economic development to our city, and ultimately more jobs for our residents.

“Council’s trade missions have contributed to delivering $79.3 million worth of investment and more than 400 jobs in our city in the last financial year alone.”

The trip will take place from 6 to 15 December and is part of Council trade missions that were approved in the 2017/18 budget process for the Global Connections Strategy 2016-2021.