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Loganholme plan receives tick of approval from the State Government

Published: 8 December 2015

Loganholme plan receives tick of approval from the State Government

The State Government has approved a plan that will guide growth in Loganholme over the next 20 years.

The Loganholme Local Plan Amendment will come into effect on 11 December 2015 when it is formally included in the Logan Planning Scheme 2015.

Planning and Development Committee Chairperson, Councillor Cherie Dalley, said the planning vision for Loganholme had been guided by extensive consultation with residents and businesses.

“This amendment has been six years in the making and the Loganholme community has invested significant amounts of time in helping us get it to this point,” she said.

“Not long after amalgamation in 2008, Council was given the task by the State Government of identifying established suburbs across our city that could accommodate 28,000 new dwellings by 2031.

“Loganholme was one of the suburbs identified, so we needed to come up with a vision for the neighbourhood.”

Cr Dalley said she believed the endorsed plan for Loganholme struck a balance that allowed for more development in the suburb while protecting its environment.

“Planning for the kind of growth we expect to see in Loganholme needs to allow for a range of housing densities and commercial and retail land uses while maintaining the area’s natural assets,” she said

“Importantly, this plan ensures higher density residential development can occur in areas accessible to good public transport and community infrastructure.”

Governance, Finance and Economic Development Chairperson, Councillor Luke Smith, thanked the community for its input into planning changes that he believed would serve Loganholme well in the coming decades.

“We have gone through six years of consultation, technical analysis and planning to get to where we are today,” Cr Smith said.

“A 20 year plan that sets guidelines for how a suburb is going to grow inevitably attracts support and opposition in different shades as people have varying opinions on how growth should be managed, or if it should occur at all.

“We have done our best to account for all of the views expressed by the community throughout this process since consultation began in early 2011.

“We believe this plan will accommodate the future needs of Loganholme and would like to thank all of those people who have written submissions, attended meetings and generally been involved in helping us plan for Loganholme’s future.”