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Microbial contamination closes Tygum Lagoon

Published: 7 April 2016

Microbial contamination closes Tygum Lagoon

Warning signs to avoid contact with the water have been erected around Tygum Lagoon at Waterford West, after higher than acceptable levels of E.coli and enterococci were detected by Logan City Council water monitoring.

Chair of the Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee, Cr Lisa Bradley said recent water quality analysis had found that the lagoon was contaminated with micro-organisms normally associated with faecal matter.

“Recent water quality monitoring indicates that the microbiological results at Tygum Lagoon exceed safe levels for primary and secondary contact under Australian Government Guidelines,” she said.

“The danger is such that any human contact with the water could lead to illnesses – and as a result the Lagoon will need to remain off limits – as a precaution until monitoring shows microbial levels have returned to acceptable limits for recreational use.”

‘”As there have been no reports of recent sewage spillages in the catchment area, council officers will be following up with sampling and site investigations to determine possible causes or a source of contamination.”

The lagoon can be expected to naturally return to safe levels if no further contamination occurs. Signage will remain in place until the waterway is declared safe, following water quality analysis.

Logan City Council conducts regular recreational water quality monitoring of eight sites along the Logan River catchment and six bodies of water in Logan City parks.