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Removal of notice - Mundoolun residents advised to boil drinking water

Published: 2 February 2015

Removal of notice - Mundoolun residents advised to boil drinking water

FURTHER UPDATE - Monday 2 February 2015: Flushing taps and water lines. 

What should homeowners do now the boil water notice is lifted?

  • Flush household pipes and taps: To flush your plumbing, run all your cold water taps on full for at least 5 minutes each. If your service connection is long or complex, consider flushing for a longer period.
  • Also ensure you flush your internal service line that services your tank.
  • Automatic ice makers: Dump existing ice and flush the water feed lines by making and discarding three batches of ice cubes. Wipe down the ice bin with a disinfectant. If your water feed line to the machine is longer than 20 feet, increase to five batches.
  • Hot water heaters, water coolers, in line filters, and other appliances with direct water connections or water tanks: Run enough water to completely replace at least one full volume of all lines and tanks. If your filters are near the end of their life, replace them.
  • Replace other water filters, that are disposable and may be contaminated. This applies especially to carbon filters and others that are near the end of their life.

UPDATE - Logan City Council advises the below notice for some Mundoolun residents has now been removed. This notice applies to all residents from Sunday 1 February 2015.

Logan City Council advises some Mundoolun residents to boil their tap water used for drinking, or to use bottled water, following an unusual test result for water in the estate.

This notice applies to all residents from 30 January 2015 until further notice, in:

  • Anna Bertha Court
  • Anne Collins Crescent
  • Bauer Drive
  • Borrowdale Court
  • Bredalbane Street
  • Friendship Court
  • Golden Grove Court
  • John Collins Drive
  • Lady Penrhyn Court
  • Lavers Street
  • Portsmouth Court
  • Prince of Wales Court
  • Scarborough Court
  • Supply Court
  • William Humphreys Drive.

If you suspect your tank water has been topped up with town water since Monday 19 January 2015, then please refer to the Disinfection of Rainwater Tanks (PDF 35 KB) information sheet.  If you are unsure of what to do please contact Council on 3412 3412 for further advice.

Logan City Council is working closely with Queensland Health to resolve the situation, and we are performing additional testing to determine the safety of the water supply within the Mundoolun estate. This may take two to three days.

The boil water notice will stay in effect until the Logan City Council and Queensland Health are confident there is no public health concern. Updates will be provided to affected residents.

Consuming unboiled drinking water could lead to illness, especially for vulnerable people (e.g. those who are very young, elderly or immune compromised). If you are concerned about your health contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84), your local doctor or local hospital and advise them of your concerns.

People should use cooled boiled water or bottled water for:

  • drinking
  • brushing teeth
  • washing and preparing food or beverages
  • preparing baby formula
  • making ice
  • bathing infants.

Unboiled drinking water can be used for:

  • showering and bathing other than infants (but minimise water in the mouth) 
  • washing dishes by hand or in a dishwasher, provided dishes are air-dried
  • washing clothes
  • flushing toilets.

People should bring drinking water to a boil and then allow water to cool before using it or storing it in a clean, closed container for later use.

Kettles with automatic cut-off switches are suitable for producing boiled water. Variable temperature kettles should be set to boil. 

For more information phone Council on 3412 3412.