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New Logan Water Program Alliance

Published: 21 April 2015

New Logan Water Program Alliance

A consortium led by Downer Utilities together with their partners Cardno and Parsons Brinkerhoff has won a three year tender to plan and deliver the water and wastewater infrastructure that Logan will need in the coming years.

The decision concludes a long and thorough tender process and will provide Council with strong value for money over the course of the agreement.

Roads and Water Infrastructure Committee Chair, Councillor Don Petersen (Division 4), said the successful bid came from a strengthened alliance group who hold the current contract.

"Council has been delighted with the quality of tender submissions," he said.

"The market for big infrastructure is very receptive to major, long-term contracts such as this, and we have been able ensure the new Alliance will deliver great value for ratepayers.

"I would like to thank all tenderers for their commitment to the process and for working with Council through the assessment.

"While I cannot disclose the detail involved, the field was strong and the final decision was difficult, however at the end of the day the consortium led by Downer Utilities proved the best value proposition in the field."

The new Alliance supports Council's Water Business capabilities in the areas of asset management, planning, design, project management and staff development.

It is different from the existing Alliance in that it integrates asset management activities and includes a requirement to build Council's capabilities towards self-sufficiency over the period of the contract.

The new contract will come into effect from 1 July 2015 for three years with two one year options at Council's discretion.