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On-the-spot fines to increase from 1 July

Published: 27 June 2016

On-the-spot fines to increase from 1 July

Infringement notices issued by Logan City Council officers will increase on 1 July 2016 as a result of annual index-based increases to the value of penalty units, which are used by the Queensland Government to legislate the cost of fines.

From 1 July 2016 the value of a single penalty unit will increase from $117 to $121.

Animals, Parks and City Standards Committee Chair, Jennie Breene, said fines for a range of council enforced offences would increase as a result.

“Council fines are ‘on the spot’ which means you will receive a legally enforceable penalty, without going to court,” she said

“As an example dumping the equivalent of more than 200 litres of waste can attract a $1959 fine, while at the lower end – parking on a footpath – will cost you $81 each time.

“The fines are enforced by the State Penalties Enforcement Registry, which has the power to cancel drivers’ licences and recover funds by seizing assets if the fines are not paid.”

Councillor Breene said the best way to avoid trouble was to observe local laws and signage.

“If your actions are likely to cause a nuisance, potentially harm other people, or degrade the environment the chances are that you will be fined by council officers,” she said

Common infringement notices and penalties from 1 July 2016 include:

Stopping in a disabled parking area without a permit            $243

Contravene a “No stopping” sign                                          $121

Stopping a vehicle on a footpath                                           $81

Littering $243

Dumping more than 200 litres of waste                                         $1950

Failing to keep an animal in a public place under control          $365

Keeping a dog that barks, howls or whines excessively             $609