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Pensioners urged to provide details for rebate

Published: 4 June 2015

Pensioners urged to provide details for rebate

Pensioners are being urged to provide Logan City Council with a signed consent form needed by Centrelink to verify their personal information to ensure they continue to receive their rates remission.

Council is required by the State Government to verify a pensioner's status before it is allowed to pass on the State Government pensioner subsidy rate. Council also undertakes these checks with Centrelink to administer its own pensioner remission which provided an additional saving of $317 in 2014/15 for eligible pensioners on a maximum rate pension.

Council cannot proceed with these necessary checks without written permission from the pensioner.

Governance, Finance and Economic Development Committee Chairperson, Councillor Luke Smith (Division 6), said the vast majority of pensioners – more than 13,000 - had now provided their consent, however 140 people were yet to do so.

"Several letters have been sent to the small number of pensioners yet to supply their signed consent forms," he said.

"We as a council are unable to automatically provide the remission without pensioners' signed permission and I would urge anybody – pensioners or those carers responsible for their affairs – to give our helpful staff a call if they receive a letter.

"Pensioners concerned about privacy should not be worried as Council does not receive specific information from Centrelink regarding the amount of money a person receives, or any information about their income and assets.

"We just need an individual's written permission to provide their name and address to Centrelink so we can check they are still eligible to receive the full or part pension, and the rates remission that comes with that."

Cr Smith said Council staff were happy to discuss the rate remission requirements with pensioners who were concerned about giving out private information.

"Balancing a weekly budget on a pension is already hard enough," he said.

"Council has a responsibility to the members of our community who are entitled to these savings to ensure they are given the information and the support they need to claim the rates remission.

"We are also urging pensioners to check their rates notice when they receive it and to contact Council if the remission has not been applied so that it can be rectified once permission is provided.

"In 2014/15, the rates remission for approved pensioners on a maximum rate pension was $317 and $158.50 for non-maximum rate pensioners."

Pensioners are reminded only a small number of people are yet to provide their consent and the vast majority will receive the remission as normal - please check you rates notice when it is received to ensure both the applicable Logan City Council remission and State Government Pensioner Subsidy have been applied.

For further information, please contact 3412 5230 or click here.