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Pet owners on right track with microchipping

Published: 27 February 2019

Pet owners on right track with microchipping
Yvette Kelly, 7, of Holmview, gets her eight-month-old cat Rio microchipped by Logan City Council mobile microchipping vet Louise Hainey.

Logan pet owners are fast learning the benefits of microchipping their cats and dogs.

The number of these pet identification devices provided by Logan City Council’s mobile microchipping service doubled in the last year.

And early figures indicate 2019 could be another bumper year for responsible pet ownership in Logan.

State legislation requires all cats and dogs born after July 1, 2009 to be implanted with an identifying microchip so if they are found lost or wandering, the pet can be easily returned to its owner.

In 2018, Council’s mobile microchipping service implanted 130 devices, nearly double the 67 implanted in 2017.

The figures do not include microchips implanted by Logan vets and trained staff at the City of Logan Animal Management Centre.

City Parks, Animals, Environment and Waste Chairperson, Councillor Jennie Breene, said microchipping does not replace the requirement for all pets in Logan to be registered with Council.

“The microchipping process only takes a few seconds and is the most effective way for lost or wandering pets to be quickly reunited with their owners,” Cr Breene said.

Cr Breene said Logan pet owners should also be aware of the city’s animal desexing laws.

It is mandatory for all cats to be desexed unless the owner is a registered breeder.

If you live on a small block (300 square metres in area or less), approval is required to keep a dog, which also must be desexed.

A dog can have one litter before local laws require it to be desexed, unless it is owned by a registered breeder.

Local veterinarians offer surgical desexing procedures for male and female cats and dogs.

The next Logan City Council mobile microchipping event will be on Saturday, March 2 at the Logan Village Hotel car park, Albert Street (7.30am-8.45am) and at the Brookhaven Estate sales office, Menora Road, Bahrs Scrub (9.30am-10.30am).

For more information on Logan City Council’s animal laws, go to: