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Queensland Police Service fraud charges

Published: 15 December 2016

Queensland Police Service fraud charges

Logan City Council has been notified by the Queensland Police Service of charges relating to fraud against a current Councillor.

Logan City Council has strict and transparent policies governing financial transactions and councillor conduct.

While the Councillor is entitled to the presumption of innocence, in the matter of public interest, the Councillor has been requested to stand down from participating in Council matters and the councillor has agreed.

As the former councillor for Division 6, Mayor Luke Smith will immediately oversee the duties of this division until the New Year and more permanent arrangements are in place.

Council takes integrity issues very seriously. As a result of the charges and without inferring any adverse conduct, Council is conducting a review of matters to ensure the interests of council and the people of Logan are protected.

The CEO of the Local Government Association of Queensland has been informed and the Deputy Premier’s office will also be notified.

The Councillor involved was independently elected in March this year.