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Residents in affected streets advised to boil drinking water

Published: 18 October 2018

Residents in affected streets advised to boil drinking water

Logan City Council advises residents in affected streets to boil their tap water used for drinking or to use bottled water due to the detection of E. coli in the local water supply.

Council is working closely with Queensland Health to resolve the situation and we are performing additional testing until we resolve the situation. This may take up to two days.

This precautionary boil water notice will stay in effect until the Logan City Council and Queensland Health are confident there is no public health concern.

Regular updates will be provided to affected residents.

This notice applies to all residents in the Cedar Vale and Woodhill areas from 18 October 2018 until further notice. Council has undertaken immediate remedial action including flushing of the water mains pipes, however as a precaution, residents are advised to heed the following advice.

List of affected streets

  • Mount Lindesay Highway, CEDAR GROVE
  • Bamboo Drive, CEDAR VALE
  • Mount Lindesay Highway, CEDAR VALE
  • Millstream Road, CEDAR VALE
  • Bluff Road, CEDAR VALE
  • Saturn Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Apollo Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Venus Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Sirius Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Orion Road, CEDAR VALE
  • Champney Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Birchwood Street, CEDAR VALE
  • Ashwood Drive, CEDAR VALE
  • Mahoney Road, CEDAR VALE
  • Orbit Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Banksia Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Bloodwood Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Cedar Vale Road, CEDAR VALE
  • Ashley Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Lightwood Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Norfolk Drive, CEDAR VALE
  • Rose Gum Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Papworth Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Bluff Parkway, CEDAR VALE
  • Logyard Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Cassia Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Waratah Place, CEDAR VALE
  • Teak Street, CEDAR VALE
  • Kauri Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Cadagi Close, CEDAR VALE
  • Fern Tree Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Bunya Court, CEDAR VALE
  • White Cedar Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Blackbutt Road, CEDAR VALE
  • Turpentine Drive, CEDAR VALE
  • Cascara Drive, CEDAR VALE
  • Kamala Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Silky Oak Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Coral Tree Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Unnamed Road, CEDAR VALE
  • White Beech Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Old Bluff Road, CEDAR VALE
  • The Bluff Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Fernhurst Close, CEDAR VALE
  • Dennis Road, CEDAR VALE
  • Blackbean Street, CEDAR VALE
  • Maggie Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Peta Court, CEDAR VALE
  • Falconer Road, WOODHILL
  • Sheen Road, WOODHILL
  • Pathfinder Road, WOODHILL
  • Mount Lindesay Highway, WOODHILL
  • Hiscock Road, WOODHILL
  • Beaudesert Branch Railway, WOODHILL
  • Mahoney Road, WOODHILL
  • Bamboo Drive, WOODHILL
  • Silverleigh Court, WOODHILL
  • Oakleigh Court, WOODHILL
  • Highview Court, WOODHILL
  • Summerhill Place, WOODHILL
  • Old Bluff Road, WOODHILL
  • Mimosa Court, WOODHILL
  • Sassafras Close, WOODHILL
  • Cedarwood Close, WOODHILL
  • Caswell Road, WOODHILL
  • Foxtail Court, WOODHILL
  • Bedelia Drive, WOODHILL
  • Tutin Crescent, WOODHILL
  • Cavell Court, WOODHILL
  • Walton Place, WOODHILL
  • Caswell Road, VERESDALE
  • The Bluff Court, VERESDALE SCRUB
  • Millstream Road, VERESDALE SCRUB
  • Old Bluff Road, VERESDALE SCRUB

Consuming unboiled drinking water could lead to illness, especially for vulnerable people (e.g. those who are very young, elderly or immune compromised). People should use cooled boiled water or bottled water for:

  • drinking
  • brushing teeth
  • washing and preparing food or beverages
  • preparing baby formula
  • making ice
  • bathing infants.

Unboiled drinking water can be used for:

  • showering and bathing other than infants (but minimise water in the mouth)
  • washing dishes by hand or in a dishwasher, provided dishes are air-dried
  • washing clothes
  • flushing toilets.

People should bring drinking water to a boil and then allow water to cool before using it or storing it in a clean, closed container for later use. Kettles with automatic cut-off switches are suitable for producing boiled water. Variable temperature kettles should be set to boil.

E.coli information stall + free bottled water

Council will be setting up E.coli information stalls and giving out free bottled water to residents in the affected areas.

Location: Corner of Mount Lindesay Hwy and Cedar Vale Road

When: Today (Friday 19th October) 2pm - 6pm
Saturday 20 October and Sunday 21 October 8am - 6pm

For more information, please contact Council on 3412 3412 or email or visit the Queensland Health website.

For information about disinfecting your rainwater tank, view the information below:

If you are concerned about your health contact 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84), your local doctor.