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Response to The Australian

Published: 3 October 2016

Response to The Australian

A number of claims made in today’s Australian newspaper are factually incorrect and exaggerated.

Mayor Luke Smith has been on one Council-led delegation to Asia, not two, since being elected in March 2016.

All overseas delegations are organised by Council, approved with a full council resolution and strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined in Council's Global Connection Strategy which to date has attracted more than $153 million in investment to Logan's economy.

Previous delegations were also not led by Mayor Smith, as suggested.

The July delegation to China and Taiwan was attended by Mayor Smith and one other councillor, not two, as incorrectly reported.

Council is already seeing positive signs from the July delegation, recently hosting a visit from the owner of Nantong Xinjing Properties Co. Ltd who is looking for commercial and residential investment opportunities in the City of Logan.

Council is also working with the Suzhou Chamber of Commerce to arrange a trade delegation to visit later this year / early next year.

Logan City Council will continue making a concerted effort to attract investment in the city.

All overseas delegations are clearly outlined and budgeted for in Council's budget expenditure and captured in our annual report.
All donations to Mayor Smith’s campaign are from Australian-based companies.

In 2013, a Preliminary Approval for a tourist facility was granted by Council over the site known as ‘The Lakes’. The proposed development is over a parcel of land zoned as a 'tourist facility', not rural land as incorrectly reported.

Mayor Smith did not meet with SN International.