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River Vision consultation extended

Published: 16 August 2016

River Vision consultation extended

Community members wanting to make a submission to the Logan River Vision consultation will have a few extra days to do so, with the closing date for submissions extended until Friday 19 August.

The decision gives residents, business and interested groups five more days to have their say on how they want to use the Logan River now and into the future.

City of Logan Mayor Luke Smith said the decision was made to make sure Council gave everyone an opportunity to make considered submissions.

“We don’t want to rush this process, so while we have had lots of very good submissions, we want to make sure that everyone wanting to have their say is given the chance,” he said.

“It can be difficult to find time in busy lives to give considered input, so extending the time period gives everyone a little extra time to properly think about what they want to say.

“Council officers have already collected significant and worthwhile feedback, and we hope this extra time will allow those who might not have the time and space to make a comment.”

Submissions can be made by visiting