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Safety at Woodridge pedestrian crossings to be lifted

Published: 11 December 2015

Safety at Woodridge pedestrian crossings to be lifted
A raised platform will be installed on Station Rd and Croydon Rd, Woodridge to improve pedestrian safety

Speed limiting raised platforms will be installed at Station Rd and Croydon Rd zebra crossings to improve safety, following complaints that motorists are speeding and failing to give way to pedestrians.

Division 2 Councillor Russell Lutton said the heavily used crossings, adjacent to the Woodridge train and bus stations, would have clearly marked crossings installed on raised sections of road to force motorists to reduce their speed.

"It’s disappointing that we have to resort to these measures to remind motorists of the speed limit and pedestrians’ rights to cross roads safely on crossings," he said.

"This work will hopefully avert a tragedy. There have been several reported near-misses on the crossings and there really is no excuse for speeding in this heavily trafficked area."

Cr Lutton said he was grateful to the residents and business people in the area who had brought the problem to his attention.

Subject to weather, work will begin early January and the new crossings will completed before school resumes, to minimise disruptions to traffic and business.