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Savage Garden remember Logan 20 years on

Published: 2 August 2016

Savage Garden remember Logan 20 years on

Daniel Jones will speak exclusively to River 94.9 on the 20th anniversary of Savage Garden releasing their debut single “I Want You” which resulted in Darren Hayes and Daniel being signed to Columbia Records and achieving subsequent international fame.

Fans will also have an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate the duo’s success, as Logan City Council has assembled six gift packs, to be won by River 94.9 listeners, after Daniel’s father unlocked the fan club’s vault and offered original memorabilia for distribution.

To mark the occasion, Logan City Council will also be exhibiting original material donated by Gary Beitzel, the former owner of the now closed Woody’s bookstore at Woodridge, where Darren Hayes worked for five years before joining Daniel to create Savage Garden.

Logan City Council’s Sports and Community Services Chairperson, Steve Swenson, said the collection captured the history of Savage Garden, particularly the duo’s early years and their path to success.

“Over the years fans would come to Woody’s to see where Savage Garden started and they collectively contributed to this amazing memorabilia,” he said.

“When Woody’s closed in 2014, Gary generously donated much of what had been collected to the people of Logan and left us with a tremendous legacy for all to enjoy.

“Similarly, Daniel’s father generously lent many collectibles to Council and we have been able to put together a display that includes two ARIA awards, a signed photograph and two letters from music studios – including a rejection letter from Sony.

“He has arranged an exclusive interview with Daniel, who is now leading a relatively quiet life in the United States, away from the music scene.

“Marking this 20th anniversary of their first release will ensure that Savage Garden will be rightfully remembered in Logan as our city’s first international recording stars.”

The interview will be played on River 94.9 on Wednesday 3 August on Marnie and Campo for Breakfast.

The display is at Logan Central Library, 26 Wilbur St, Logan Central (opening hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9am - 5pm, Tuesday and Thursday 9am - 8pm, Saturday 9am - 4pm).