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Sharing the path

Published: 4 February 2015

Sharing the path

Whether it's a short walk, long ride or gentle stroll - there's nothing quite like exploring in the fresh air.

The number of people using Logan's extensive park pathway network continues to grow and unless there are signs or pavement markings stating otherwise, you are allowed to ride on the footpath and share it with pedestrians.

Logan City Council Parks, Health, Environment and Sustainability Committee Chairperson, Councillor Trevina Schwarz (Division 11) said it was important to remember courtesy, etiquette and common-sense when using a park pathway.

 "Although park pathways are shared, care is needed to ensure that all users can enjoy them safely," she said.

Some etiquette things you can do when cycling on a park pathway include:

* Signaling your intentions to turn or stop allows other pathway users to know what you are doing and respond accordingly.
* Leaving plenty of room when overtaking.
* Riding at a speed that is appropriate to the conditions and your visibility ahead, brake early and avoid leaning into corners.
* Be wary wherever paths run through bush areas, in case you encounter some of the Park's wildlife.
* Being on the lookout for and giving way to pedestrians, particularly children and the elderly, as they may not necessarily hear or see you approach.
Some of Logan's parks including Neville Lawrie Reserve, have signs that give pathway use guidelines for cyclists, horse riders and pedestrians. Horse riding is permitted only in certain Parks.

For further information contact Council's Parks Branch on (07) 3412 5338.