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Singing helps ease stroke symptoms

Published: 4 January 2019

Singing helps ease stroke symptoms
Members of the Aphasia Community Choir in full voice.

Music is proving to be almost medicinal for a group with symptoms of stroke or brain injuries.

Each week the group gathers at Logan Central Library to sing and enjoy music.

City Lifestyle and Community Committee Chairperson, Councillor Steve Swenson, said the Aphasia Community Choir sings to help alleviate the symptoms of aphasia.

Aphasia is a language disorder caused by a stroke or brain injuries.

It can affect a person’s ability to understand and/or express language without affecting intelligence.

“It is wonderful to see these people come together to have fun and enjoy each other’s company,” Cr Swenson said.

“We would like to invite anyone in the community with Aphasia to become part of this special choir.

“No previous singing experience is necessary.”

The choir, which has about 20 members, has been meeting at the Logan Central Library every Tuesday since last February.

They will gather for the first time in 2019 from 10am to noon next Tuesday (January 8).

Choir director Lydia Brown, a voice coach and speech pathologist, said the group was looking for people with Aphasia to join its ranks.

Ms Brown said music clearly helps people with Aphasia.

“Aphasia specifically affects the language centre of the brain,” she said.

“Singing helps because even someone who struggles to speak can sing song lyrics, especially songs they knew before their injury.

“This is because memory and music exist in unaffected parts of the brain,” she said.

“The choir gets people out of the house and provides an opportunity for interaction and conversations with others who understand what they are going through.”

Carers and family members are also welcome to attend.

Logan Central Library is at 26 Wilbur St, Logan Central.

More information is available by calling Peter Stuart on 0422 687 530 or emailing or calling Ms Brown on 0451 866 096 or emailing